Waveboosters UK have over 10 years comprehensive experience in the enhancement and amplification of mobile phone signal in Commercial, Business  and High rise buildings. Our expertise includes signal improvement in hotels, hospitals, universities/colleges, student accommodations and building as high as 50 storeys.Drop us a mail at or give us a call today +44 7902181393 and let’s have a chat about the best solution that will sure help resolve your mobile phone signal problem.

What Are The Reasons For Poor Mobile Phone Signal.

There are two reasons why we have poor signal coverage in a buildings, the first is   weak outdoor signal caused by the building location being too far from the network base station and the second being the type of materials used in the construction of building. Material such as foil use for insulation in buildings obstruct mobile phone signals penetration into the building.

Many buildings are designed in a way that the construction materials act as a Faraday cage and impede  mobile phone signal from passing through the walls into the building.

How It Works

In most cases a survey of the intended building will be required to enable us give close to accurate estimates, it will involve one of our engineers visiting your building or premises, analysing the signal strength and assess the floor plans & structural design of the building. A refundable survey fee of  £415 including VAT will be charged before our engineer visit to the site.

Free Estimates

After the survey, all datas collected by our Engineers will be converted in an  estimates outlining the costs equipment and labour needed to enhance your phone signal.  However, for urgent projects we will request a floor plan of the intended coverage area from you. This will enable us to draw up a free estimate for you. Please note that booking a survey can help reduce the cost of your project significantly.


In Waveboosters our installation are done using distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and or with a combination of cart 6 cabling design to provide corporate and commercial mobile signal solutions for voice and high speed mobile data  to large areas where mobile phone signal is weak in the building. All our custom solutions are Certified by OFCOM and  conform with all UK safety regulations.



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