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Vodacom & Cell C Cell Phone Signal Booster




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is designed for customers looking to boost their mobile phone signal coverage for VODACOM, CELL C and their VENDORS for Voice and text in SOUTH AFRICA & MOST AFRICAN COUNTRIES, It operates on GSM 900Mhz frequency which is a popular frequency band for voice and text in SOUTH AFRICA. This application will provide signal coverage for up to 250 square metres in your offices, warehouses, and homes and boost up to 10-35 simultaneous users.


  • GSM Frequency 880~915 / 925~960MHz
  • New SINGLE-Band Digital Design
  • Advanced MGC (Manual Gain Control) / 1dB Step
  • ALC (Auto Level Control) and AGC (Automatic Gain Control) / 0~30dB Range
  • Upgraded Gain Level 60/65dB
  • RSSI Signal Strength Indicator and Oscillation Alarm
  • Removable Hidden Mounting grid plate
  • CE 0700! Approved
  • 2 Year Warranty

WAVE BOOSTER MINI 250 Vodacom 2G Voice GSM 900MHZ booster provides a constant uninterrupted increased mobile phone signal coverage in an area of up to 250 square meters leading to total eradication of call drops for both calls and text. The Wave Booster MINI GSM900Mhz is designed to ensure that you never experience any drop calls again.

Our easy to work installation Manuals that come with every booster that you purchase from us makes it easy for you to plug and play with this device.

The Wave Booster MINI GSM900Mhz comes with the following standard kits:  10 metres high quality coaxial cable, Outdoor Gsm antenna that will be installed outside the building, a GSM 900 BOOSTER that will be installed indoors, power supply and power cord, and an antenna for (internal use indoor)

Once set up is completed  as described below and your device is switched on, you should start experiencing a full phone signal in the intended coverage area.

NOTE:  It is vitally important to note that there are fake, cheap, and unauthorised signal boosters circulating around the market in South Africa and elsewhere.  It is therefore absolutely pertinent you look out for our Wave Boosters logo & its partners before purchasing any booster, because our devices are state of the art products that are designed and patented in Germany, the UK & Canada.  The good news is! we have invested 10 years in innovations and designs which have resulted in our state of the art design and quality of all our products. We are aware that you desire the best mobile phone coverage, and we have taken it upon ourselves to ensure you get exactly that with our best product and after sales care.

And because we have confidence in our products we offer a two year replacement warranty on all our products and even better a 15 day Money back guarantee. It is simple and straight forward, just try it and if for any surprising reason, it ever happens that it is not performing, feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to help.


This MINI 250 VODACOM mobile booster is no different in the installation process from all our boosters and all the accessories are somewhat similar except for the much larger custom-made units.

All our boosters are built around the easy and quick installation (Plug and play process) as far as reasonable sizes of a property is involved.  For very very large buildings, we recommend that you ask us for a site inspection and that we install on your behalf.

AN OUTDOOR ANTENNA:  This accessory is one of the most needed kit in the installation of the booster, it is mounted outside and its main function is to pull signal from outside through coaxial cable

10 METRE COAXIAL CABLE: The coaxial cable is connected to the outdoor antenna on the roof on one end and the second end is connected to the mobile Booster that will be located inside the building. The cable helps in transferring signal from the external antenna into the repeater.

INDOOR GSM 900 Signal Booster: The mobile phone booster is the essential part of the puzzle, once signal is transferred from the roof antenna through the coax cable, it helps to amplify the mobile phone signal in the building through the indoor antenna.

INDOOR ANTENNA(S): This is the distribution antenna, the mobile booster uses this high power indoor antennas to distribute the signal internally.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If your walls inside of your property is very thick, that is reinforced by steel or if you have old stone walls, it is then highly recommended that you create a DAS (Distribution Antenna System).  This means that you will most definitely need more than just one indoor antenna.  You will then connect some extra cables and a 2 way, 3 way or 4 way splitters to extend signal through one or several extra indoor antennas in particular rooms or corridors to ensure perfect signal strength to spread throughout the building.

AC/DC POWER SUPPLY: The AC/DC power supply and power plug supply the repeater with all the electric current it needs to function.

There are few rationale behind poor mobile phone signal booster inside buildings and around certain areas. Some of these reasons range from the materials that are used in the construction of the building, the internal structures like insulation materials. The mountainous areas and the density of tall trees that surround the area also are contributing factors to how low mobile phone signal can travel.  But with our mobile boosters, you are sure to benefit and enjoy great cellphone coverage for as long as you use them.


  • 1 x Mini Vodacom GSM900 Mobile booster
  • 1 x Outdoor Panel Antenna
  • 1 x 10 meter Coaxial Cable
  • 1 x AC/DC Power Supply
  • 1 x Easy to work Installation Manual

Product Specifications

Gain 55/60DB
Power 19DBM
Coverage 250m2
Frequency GSM 900MHz:       UL 890~915MHz – DL 935~960MHz
Ripple in Band ≦ 5dB
Spurious Emission  ≦ -30dBm ~ -36dBm
Max Noise Figure ≦ 6dB
Return Loss ≦ 3dB
Time Delay ≦ 0.5μs
MTBF > 50000hours
Power Supply AC100~240V 50~60Hz / DC12V 2A (Included)
Power Consumption  < 10 Watt
Impendence 50 Ω
Connector N-Female as standard
Cooling Heatsink convection cooling
Dimensions (DxWxH) 230x130x34mm
Weight 1200 Gram
Environment Conditions IP 40
Humidity < 90%
Operating Temperature 10°C – 60°C


Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 23 × 13 × 3.4 cm


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